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What is the relationship with male pattern hair loss sebum?

Long-term clinical research and observation, that the most direct cause of seborrheic alopecia key reason is that excessive secretion of sebum, the skin of some ingredients such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, squalene and other toxic effects of excess hair follicle, resulting in fur poisoning,

 wither and fall off. Sebum excess male hormones such as testosterone dihydrogen ketones, toxic effects on the hair follicles. Experimental results show that the oil containing these ingredients applied to the animal fur can cause a lot of shedding fur. 

One evidence of seborrheic alopecia and excessive sebum secretion is directly related to: human sebum secretion and related high and low temperatures, the higher the temperature, the more sebum. So hot summer season is particularly serious in seborrheic alopecia, in winter and spring symptoms lightly, not even basic off.