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Which foods help hair Bodybuilding

Hair loss occurs to some extent in certain nutrients and dietary imbalance. Through long-term practice, it is recognized that there is no kind of natural food can contain all the nutrients the body needs, and there is no single nutrient can have full nutritional function. 

Therefore, no matter how alone the number one food to eat, it is impossible to safeguard human complex physiological functions. Only through coordination with a variety of nutrients, can play their unique nutritional function. Food is generally divided into the following five categories: 

① cereals, potatoes, dry beans; ④ vegetables, fruits;; ⑤ oil plants and animals, ② animal foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, fish, milk, etc; ③ soybeans and their products edible sugar, and in turn choose a variety of foods in the same category,

 you can make dietary diversification, and can achieve a variety of foods so that play a complementary role in nutrition, ensuring the necessary nutrients for hair growth.