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Alopecia Ate?

One, dates

Prune food is one of our common life, the benefits of eating dates, the human body can promote the formation of melanin, so the hair color stability in black. Another benefit is Prune contains iron, blood red blood cells can be active, and promote blood circulation, to facilitate the smooth delivery of nutrition blood to the hair root.

Two, black sesame

Vitamins are very important for our health, different vitamins on the human body plays a different role. Vitamin E can be anti-aging, promote actively dividing cells Maugham, keep the skin smooth and elastic. And for the person's hair is also very important, a lack of vitamin E can lead to dry hair, yellow hair, hair loss, hair loss is also prone.

Such as cabbage, black sesame seeds, fresh lettuce to contain vitamin E, in particular, black sesame, the inside of the vitamin E content of the richer. Faced with hair loss how to do hair, black sesame seeds is essential.

Three, laver

Experts advise, hair growth requires an element that is iodine. For us, daily life Note added iodine, can be effective in preventing the occurrence of hair loss hair. Iodine is conducive to the growth of hair, stabilize the body like glands, sebum secretion to normal so that the head does not cause symptoms of too little too fat.