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Hair Extension As The Name Suggests, Hair Is The Hair Received Their Own Hair

 Hair extension Hair is the recent introduction of the European hair technology, as the name suggests, hair is the hair received their own hair, and instantly from short to long to long change, hair can be used to send the hair can be wig, it can be true.

  True hair is more real, supple, easy to do dye, hot operation and easy to wash, so now more commonly used. The principle of "hair" is very simple, is to process the real hair "grafted" to the original hair. Need to be divided into a number of hair area, and then a lock of a lock and together, is a "slow work fine" It can meet the appetite of young people who want to make short hairs longer, thicker, long hair without baking colored oil, but if your hair is too short (standard head ), Then you can go to try the belt hair, belt hair relative to other types of hair connection, the required length of the hair is shorter.

The type of access to the different, then the way to send and receive the method is different, and some types of hair must be done by a professional hair stylist, and some only need their own operation can be, such as: clip hair and so on. Hair is divided into real hair and fiber two, you can choose according to their own preferences. Really hair can be perm, hair and nutrition care, and easy to comb. Fibers are colorful but not easy to comb. In order to make the hair and the natural hair root looks color coordination, the use of hair wax according to the different hair color is divided into black, purple, red and yellow four.

Hair extension If your hair is like a short variable or thin and thick, and the choice is true, then according to the length of the different price of about 1,000 yuan -2500 yuan; if you just change the mood and free to connect Two lock color hair, the price is about 250 yuan. If you choose a fiber, the price will be slightly lower.

If you are tired of taking out long hair or colored hair, hair stylists will use professional pants to take them off. If you wash your hair often use alkaline shampoo, then the hair will naturally fall off.

  Hair extension Sub-mechanism wigs and hand wigs two kinds of materials used for the chemical fiber silk and human hair two kinds of fiber to PVC, PET-based materials, according to the addition of flame retardant and can distinguish between flame-retardant wire and non-flame retardant wire. Domestic wigs to Tang Long brand for technical representatives. International to Japan Kani Caron (KANEKALON) for the quality of fashion trends. Hairpin (wug, lace wig, full lace wig, front lace wig) hair (hair extension). Domestic sales generally hand The human hair as the material of the wig is known as the replacement.

  Hair extension Hair extension Adhesive hair is the first hair to be used in hair into a small thread of a small thread, each strand of about 10 to 20 hair, and then use keratin-rich viscose, wiped in a small strands of hair root hair The appropriate location to take the same amount of hair of the hair, the hair quickly connected to the hair of the hair, from the hair to about a centimeter. The adhesive will quickly solidify, so that a long hair to pick up a good. If you do not need it in the future, go to the salon to let the hairdresser heat the glue to melt, or use special water to wipe the connection, the hair a ray of a ray of removal.

Button hair is also the hair is divided into small strands, with a special button will be connected to the long hair fixed connection in the hair of the hair, the head of the hair will naturally fall to cover the buttons. The advantage of this hair is not later, you can more easily remove the buttons and long hair.