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Human Hair Weave The Originality Of True Hair Drape

Human Hair Weave Really have a specialized production of wigs, wig of foreign trade, export wigs, process clockwork, men and women have a shade so that human hair accessories, chemical fiber and other products production-oriented enterprises.The company was founded in 1994, after 20 years of pioneering spirit, by the exquisite technology and modern enterprise management mode in the industry to stand out, become employees industry leading enterprises in henan province.Products with its unique design, extraordinary creativity, superior quality to win the praise of users at home and abroad, I have a curtain sold the United States, Britain, Western Europe and other countries and regions, has repeatedly won the many kinds of honorary titles.

Human Hair Weave We really have a shade is one with real hair as raw material to make all kinds of hair products and hair accessories process head ornaments. The company has first-class designers and high-quality production staff more than 300. With advanced technology to ensure the quality of the product, customer feedback shows that the credibility of the company.We will be in line with \"strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by innovation, by the good faith service people 'corporate philosophy, really have a curtain is willing to cooperate with you together, open up new hair accessories hair products mainly include: hair material, hair. Clip hair, human hair wigs, techniques, and teaching, people have a piece of, human hair accessories, etc.

Human Hair Weave Chemical fiber products are mainly chemical fiber hair shade, synthetic, accessories, fans wig, Halloween wigs, high temperature wire spring, etc

Really have a curtain is compiled by the high quality products by hand.Hair soft, each time the base into one or two hair, really have a shade base edge completely using French lace or Swiss ultrasonic ultra-thin bud silk, in the middle of the network (from ear to ear) have a piece of elastic lace, so that can suitable for different size of the head.Custom make all bud silk net, on the whole net can adopt good French or Swiss lace.This is in the head and the surrounding the combination of better.Really have a shade of the rest of the quilt hair density from very fine to medium to gradually disappear.And beyond your comfort.

100% human hair LACE WIGS (FULL LACE WIGS) is our factory's main product, the hair quality have Chinese hair, Indian hair, imitation of European hair, etc., fine workmanship, quality excellent, the product quality is stable, the monthly output of 2000, by the European and American customers of all ages.

Human Hair Weave Really have a curtain company since its establishment uphold integrity, quality of life for the enterprise!Win-win is our wish with you.Stick to the principle, to the quality of the products do the best, plus one hundred percent of the good faith, strive to bring customers the best products.

Human Hair Weave Wig to light industrial manufacturing to employees, employees in the industry: process clockwork, men's hair pieces, women's wigs, teaching, chemical fiber hair, wig from the material points: human hair, chemical fiber, human hair with chemical fiber

1 according to the material divided into chemical fiber and human hair.Chemical fiber silk wig is made from chemical fiber, fidelity, wear have urticant feeling, easy to react with the scalp.But the price is cheap, finalize the design the effect lasting;Made of human hair wig is to choose the treated really have a curtain made of pure human hair, its high fidelity, not easy to knot, can bureau, dyeing and perm, convenient change hair style, price is higher, the qualitative effect is not very good.

2, according to the surface integral, wig and set pieces.Wig set of wig over his head, is the whole belt wear convenient, strong, large coverage area applies widely.Wig piece can be according to the demands of different into different shapes, different sizes of wig, optional the gender is strong, high fidelity, permeability is good.

3, according to the producing method extension hair weave and hand.Woven hair is made to the machine.General mass production, the price is low, but the reality is not ideal, relatively heavy, poor permeability is easy to make the hair follicles, knot easily.Hand is pure manual hook into the system, the high fidelity and good air permeability, wearing comfortable, but the price is quite high.