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There Are Often White Hair Shampoo Is Correct?

Pure white hair, in fact, good health and did not have much impact. But let himself in the image greatly reduced, some people say, and has white hair, do not pull, should always wash your hair. That white hair pulling a long three, there are often white hair shampoo is correct?


White hair pulling a long three is a lot of people have been saying, but experts say that this argument there is a certain bias. Each has a hair follicle growth, or some few hairs. Head of white hair that is because the body caused by lack of melanin reduction, pulling finished white hair, the hair will re-grow new hair follicles. But this new hair color depends on the melanin content, if the content of melanin in the body remain mention the next level, and that was to grow hair. But if you increase the nutritional supplement, or grow out of that black hair, pulling one of the three on the long black hair is not necessarily yo.